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24tips: instant team webchat

13 Dec: you’re a webby, but still having boring meetings people have to go to? So last century, dude!

Assuming you don’t have a super fancy video conferencing suite or unfettered access to Skype or Google Talk from your workstation, check out Anologue (and a sorry in advance: this doesn’t work in IE6).


Anologue gives you a pop-up, super-quick, super-simple webchat environment for the team to talk. It’s a lovely combination of slick and disposable.

IE6ers: though you can’t use Anologue, there might be some alternatives open to you. Try iEtherPad, a clone of the EtherPad project before it was shutdown by Google (boo hiss). Set up an agenda or draft as the shared doc, send the link round, and use the Chat panel – which seems OK in IE6 – to have your conversation.

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One comment on “24tips: instant team webchat

  1. Matt Jukes says:

    I like the look of anologue – will give that a go I think – I use PiratePad for my Etherpad needs – though when I do stuff with Mozilla they host their own version of Etherpad which is great..