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24tips: the pre-launch website checklist

15 Dec: There’s more to putting a new website live than just having the (internal) client’s approval that the design looks nice. There’s remembering to make sure it looks OK in different browsers, checking you’ve added the website analytics tracking code, and emptying out the embarrassing test content, for starters.

For the last few years, I’ve used the following pre-launch checklist as a simple reminder of the key steps and tests I need to remember to run on web projects before they go live. It contains 33 checks from browser compatibility and code validation to search engine submission and documentation – and my latest addition – taking a launch day screenshot, so you’ve got a nice image of the site for presentations, portfolios or whatever before the ravages of time and Other People mess it all up. Enjoy!

Website Prelaunch Checklist v2

But this is really just a starting point – there are whole web apps dedicated to helping you check and collaborate on your site launch process, including the promising-looking Launchlist.

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