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24tips: share code snippets

16 Dec: even if you’re not a professional developer, chances are you need to share snippets of code now and again – maybe emailing a colleague that Google Analytics tracking code snippet, or the template for a special CMS page, or maybe a how-to article on your intranet for content managers. But the tools on most government desktops don’t make this easy: send code in an email and the line wrappings can screw it up royally, so you can end up faffing around with annoying attachments and Notepad files.


Enter Pastie, a lovely little service for storing and sharing code. It’s so lovely, you don’t need to login or create an account – just open it up, create a new pastie, and paste in your code snippet. It works out the language you’re using, and highlights the syntax to make it more readable. You can then email the short link to the formatted code to colleagues, or embed it neatly into another webpage.

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2 comments on “24tips: share code snippets

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  2. Keir Davis says:

    This certainly looks simple, but it also looks like you end up sharing your code snippet with the world. A better alternative is Code Barrel. It makes sharing your snippets with others very easy and the best part is that it’s free!