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24tips: visualising your strategy

21 Dec: digital strategies are meaty things to write, taking into account all the domains of digital and the ever changing environment in which it sits.

Here’s a little visualisation I’ve used a couple of times now to help illustrate the direction of travel in a digital strategy:

digital strategy

(click to enlarge)

There are four key dimensions:

  • Channels: your site, your social media channels, email/mobile/RSS etc
  • Programmes: the cross-cutting projects and work you do on your channels, from analytics and research to technical infrastructure and CMS selection
  • Capabilities: the skills and configuration of the team
  • Proposition and Content: what the digital platforms are for and what you’re doing with them

By describing in some short phrases where you are on each of those now, in the short/medium term (3 months) and longer term (6-12 months), it’s a way of communicating the breadth, direction and pace of change to senior stakeholders and the people involved.

Feel free to adapt and improve!

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