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24tips: filler text for realistic layouts

23 Dec: if you’re in the business of mocking up sites or designs for other people to comment on, you’ll have encountered the challenge of making a layout look realistic without having much content to play with.


The conventional approach is to use ‘Lorem Ipsum’ or a special chunk of faux-Latin text designed to show how text flows around your layout using realistic words and sentence lengths, but without distracting your (internal) client with the content itself (doesn’t always work in my experience). If you’re looking for a chunk of Lorem Ipsum text, try the Lorem Ipsum Generator, which can produce paragraphs or lists to your specification.

But faux-Latin isn’t the only option: for something more readable (but beware: potentially more distracting for your audience), try Fillerama, which takes the same approach but using quotes from Star Wars, The Simpsons or Futurama. Even better, the lovely Fillerati gives you passages from great works of literature by HG Wells, Jules Verne and others, and lets you choose exactly how many words or list items to copy.

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  1. […] get the idea. There are plenty of other Lorem Ipsum alternatives out there, from Futurama to Jules Verne. But I do a lot of corporate/public sector work, and putting ‘pitchfork photo booth […]