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2 comments on “Digital wackiness for 2013

  1. Lesley says:

    I like your thinking sir, but thanks to the likes of your good self, this sort of stuff isn’t really ‘wacky’ in government any more.

    Re ebooks, the Scottish Government has been doing a bit of dabbling in that area, see eg And ePub is a fairly standard format for our publications now.
    We also now have a Scottish version of @Sweden – @Scotvoices – although the Scottish Government can’t take credit for that one 🙂

  2. Alex Coley says:

    There are some great tools and products out there which are a little more off the beaten track than the regular Facebook/Twitter/YouTube trifecta.

    Actually, Steph, when you said “tell the boss you won’t film them for YouTube this time” I immediately thought of what the Met Police did with Bambuser during the Occupy protests:

    And as far as the rapidly emerging field of crisis simulation goes I had the pleasure of testing out eModeration’s Social Media Crisis Simulation tool, which gives your own a real run for its money.

    For a bit of nostalgic wackiness I think back to the days of tweeting the Budget Day speech live and syndicating the stream out to national media through a custom widget That doesn’t seem quite so out there anymore but I don’t see anyone else really having a stab at turning unique content into a consumable service right now.

    All the best at UKGC13 this year, your social simulator and Hadley’s LinkedGov alpha were the only two things that picqued my interest last year.