Personal blogging by Steph Gray, former digital agency founder and erstwhile bureaucrat


For posts written between spring 2008 and April 2010, I followed the principles for online engagement by UK civil servants when discussing work-related issues, as I was a civil servant. But since May 2010, I haven’t been.

More generally, I think Jeremy put it best:

This is not a political blog or a blog about politics. It reflects my views about the world I work in – overseeing web and digital media development for a UK government department.

I never knowingly publish any information that might contradict the Civil Service Code or my department’s employee terms and conditions.

My views do not reflect those of my employers – i.e., what I post is my opinion. This is, after all, my web site.

The reason this blog is separate from my work at Helpful Digital is mainly practical but also because the opinions here are individual, rather than corporate ones.