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Why I love social bookmarking

August 20, 2008

Sadly, I missed Jenny Bee’s session titled ‘Why I love Twitter’ at the UKGovWeb Barcamp back in January, but if I were ever to run one, I’d have to call it ‘Why I love Social Bookmarking’. Let me count the ways: It frees your favourites. I have a computer at home, and a computer at…

Blessed are the developers

August 16, 2008

This week, I took a trip down memory lane and revisited a (non-government) project I last worked on nearly five years ago. The ‘temporary‘ system I built back then is still going – amazingly – but the team wanted some changes made. Various people had dabbled in the code since 2003, most recently the organisation’s…

Hassles and Handycams

August 1, 2008

“Let’s do some video case studies” “How about a little montage of the Minister doing the visit?” “We could do something on YouTube – you know, liven it up a bit” There’s something compelling about film, which is why so many events and launches open with an uplifting compilation to a jaunty soundtrack. They set…

Adventures in social consultation

July 18, 2008

Some consultations are basically dull. Some are politically-charged. Some are hurried. So when the Science and Society consultation came sauntering along, it was clear this was an opportunity too good to miss. It’s a genuine call for ideas, casting the net wide to improve the way that science is communicated, understood, taught, and recruited for.…

Still listening

July 10, 2008

Policymaking should be an ongoing conversation between government and stakeholders, not a process where government stops listening when the consultation closes. That’s the vision behind Innovation Nation: Interactive which we’re taking the wraps off today. In a nutshell, it’s a summary version of the white paper on innovation which DIUS published in the Spring, developed…

Innovating in small steps

June 12, 2008

There’s social media which constitutes a great leap forward, and then there’s social media which, while only arguably social, is still better than what went before. It’s been quite a frantic week, partly driven by the launch of the new Work Skills command paper online which falls squarely into the second camp. When the team’s…

A new conversation

June 7, 2008

Hello again. Some 12 years after I started, it’s high time I got a personal site up and running again. Digging through my old files, I was amused to see the home page message that first appeared on Steph Online, back in 1996: As there is so much, ahem, rubbish on the Net, here I…