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24tips: lo-fidelity wireframing

December 20, 2010

20 Dec: the biggest challenge in a web project is getting everyone’s expectations in roughly the same place. The big boss thinks it will engage thousands (but is actually happy with it looking shiny), the (internal) client says it needs to have functions X, Y and Z (but actually doesn’t mind, as long as it…

24tips: annotating a web site

December 4, 2010

4 Dec: Need to discuss website layout tweaks or pet hates with someone you don’t sit next to? Here’s a nice, no-nonsense little app: MarkUp MarkUp gives you a little bookmarklet to drag your browser bar which, when clicked, opens up a little toolbar on whatever site you happen to be on. You can draw…

Newsroom: the backstory

June 30, 2010

Cast your mind back if you will to chilly February, amid the growing crescendo/death spiral of pre-election communications. Neil and his team were finishing off the new corporate website, having shunned friends and family for weekends on end. A member of the senior management team came bounding back from a cross government meeting where they…