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The Traindomiser: a train adventure

October 26, 2017

We were having a family chat over breakfast one Sunday morning about the kind of holidays we enjoy: “Somewhere interesting & exciting” “Somewhere not too bleak” “Go interrailing” “Go somewhere on a beach” As it’s a truth commonly acknowledged that a chap in possession of a weekend must be in need of a coding project,…

100 days later

August 25, 2010

Just over three months ago, I left a secure job (well, it was then) in the civil service for reasons I’ve never quite been able to explain coherently. So how have the first 100 days of postbureaucratic life been? I left planning to take a bit of time, do bits and pieces, and wait for…

Blog Action Day: No cry, no fly

October 15, 2009

It’s Blog Action Day, and the theme this year is climate change. I’m moderately tree-huggy at home: loft insulation from recycled plastic bottles, a super-efficient wood-burning stove, and kitchen worktops made from ground-up Corona bottles collected from Soho’s bars. But maybe most significantly – while I still drive a car and leave lights on and…


May 12, 2009

Forgive me a slight deviation from the usual fare here: I’m just back from my summer holiday to Italy and wanted to share a couple of tips on travelling by train to Europe: Tip #1: The truly revolutionary thing about the internet isn’t that it enables millions of people to crowdsource information, but that…