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Helpful Technology meets… Podcast: Harry Metcalfe on technology for social good in India

August 9, 2010

Photo credit: PA via the Daily Telegraph At the end of July, the Prime Minister and seven Cabinet colleagues visited India at the head of a huge British delegation of businesspeople, politicians and, unusually, entrepreneurial web developers. I caught up with one of them, Harry Metcalfe of The Dextrous Web, and we talked about the…

ConsultationXML goes open source

February 27, 2009

As Harry’s explained over on The Dextrous Web, we’ve just open sourced the code behind ConsultationXML, the tool we’ve been working on which turns consultation PDF files into XML. It’s a 0.1 release so still full of bugs, but at least it’s out there. You can download the (documented) code, and/or have a play with…