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Open data on the cheap

August 4, 2010

Jimmy Leach, Head of Digital Diplomacy at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office blogged earlier about a quiet little project his team have rolled out, using extended RSS 2.0 feeds to provide access to the FCO’s travel advice data. As he says, the key thing for publicly-funded organisations is to get the information out there, which…

Public Appointments by RSS

February 6, 2010

In the words of Directgov: A public appointment is an appointment to the board of a public body or to a government committee. Around 18,500 men and women hold a public appointment. The public bodies involved are quite important, including health trusts, museum boards and regulators, some demanding specialist skills in law or social work,…

Version 1.1

September 17, 2009

When BIS was created, we were pretty chuffed to have got a solid website built and launched in 72 hours. But as the weeks passed and the organisation started to build up achievements and an identity of its own, people started to ask when something, y’know, a bit meatier was going to arrive. Today, we…