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How to work with online communities

July 16, 2010

Of all the projects I worked on at DIUS/BIS, the one I am still most proud of is still going strong, if quietly, today: the Mature Students partnership with The Student Room and Directgov. When I wrote about it in February 2009, I explained: There have been some good examples of ministers engaging with online…

Au revoir

March 16, 2010

Shortly after the forthcoming General Election, I’ll be leaving the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. Tomorrow will mark my second anniversary of working at BIS, and its predecessor, DIUS. It’s been a fantastic couple of years, which has introduced me to some phenomenally talented and creative people in and around government. I’ve been privileged…


March 14, 2010

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the BIS webbies (not for me though; I’ve been putting my feet up for the last week in rural Suffolk). A quick round-up of some of the highlights: A new website for BIS: Neil’s team, working with our corporate IT unit and EduServ, have been working ferociously…

Happy Birthday YouTube

February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday YouTube, which turned five earlier this week. The site that started in February 2005 now apparently serves over 5 billion video streams each month. I’ve been spending more time on YouTube recently, mainly thanks to Arthur’s compulsive viewing of classic theme tunes (seriously, like three hundred of those views are us). But the…

Why I’m going dark for purdah

February 3, 2010

When the General Election is called, and government enters the pre-election phase known as purdah, I’m going to suspend my personal blogging and tweeting at least until the results are announced. Why? In a word, it’s too risky. This will be the first election with really active social media. Last time around, Whitehall Webby (2007)…

Be Brave

January 24, 2010

Photo credit: Sharon O’Dea Well, that’s another UK Gov Web Barcamp wrapped up, and #ukgc10 was a corker, not least thanks to the sterling efforts of Dave Briggs to organise the thing, and the generosity of Google in hosting us. It still impresses me that 120-odd people from all over the country would want to…

Minding the shop

December 9, 2009

In my line of work, keeping track of the threads is half the battle. At work, we have (for now) three corporate sites, a sandbox, a development environment, and more. We have social media channels – some corporately-managed, many managed by external agencies in support of our campaigns – and an active stakeholder and media…