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Why do people want microsites?

November 17, 2009

Photo credit: ilse Last week, Stephen Hale wrote a great piece on how to say no to new websites in the nicest possible way. I quite agree with him, and his analysis that most of the time, people say ‘I want a new website’ when they really mean that they want their issue or campaign…

Different strokes for different folks

October 27, 2009

At Reboot Britain earlier this year, I did a short talk on the direction of online consultation, and mused that the future would be about: Different strokes for different folks: multi-layered consultations that work for stakeholders and citizens Getting ideas from customers and the front-line Making consultation documents themselves more accessible and understandable Today at…

What machines think people do: a basic primer on web analytics

October 1, 2009

In a previous life, I once wrote: Fundamentally, evaluation should be about measuring performance objectively in order to make improvements: measuring: involves a process for collecting, recording and sharing data, perhaps from a number of sources, or of different types performance: how successful the activity has been, which means how well it met its objectives,…

Hearing voices

August 19, 2009

Photo credit: hiddesdevries on Flickr Last night, as I was flicking through tweets and Google Reader items, I found myself realising a strange co-incidence. I wasn’t just reading social media news or the usual (excellent) fare from government digerati blogging in their spare time. I was clicking from post to post of voices of civil…

How much is too much?

July 24, 2009

Photo credit: – Nolly on Flickr Pretty much anyone who uses social media will tell you that experience is the best teacher. You can’t be taught to be human, empathetic, helpful and interesting by following rules or attending a training course. Get people started, immerse them in the tools, and they’ll blossom into social media…

Not what ships are for

July 12, 2009

It was great to be able to help Tim Davies host his second unconference on young people, youth work and social media – ConnectedGeneration – at the BIS offices on Saturday. As with last year, the 40+ participants were fantastically diverse, from BT to the United Reform Church, digital agencies, several local authorities and organisations…