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Good corporate tweeting

July 18, 2013

Lots of people have views on the ‘right’ way to use Twitter as an organisation. I’m pretty liberal about it: I think it’s fine to use it to pump out press releases from a corporate account if that’s the expectation you set, or to have a dormant, verified account there ready for a crisis, or…

Dealing with social media mishaps

October 24, 2012

When you tweet something about work that you shouldn’t have, or from the wrong account and it gets picked up, you want the ground to swallow you up. It’s awful, and the chronicles of social media crises are full of heads on pikestaffs. But what feels like a full-on social media crisis at the time,…

How much is too much?

July 24, 2009

Photo credit: – Nolly on Flickr Pretty much anyone who uses social media will tell you that experience is the best teacher. You can’t be taught to be human, empathetic, helpful and interesting by following rules or attending a training course. Get people started, immerse them in the tools, and they’ll blossom into social media…